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Prepare for Camp

Pre-Camp and Band Camp are almost here. And August temperatures are predicted to be about what you might expect for August in Hampton Roads. Here's how to get ready:

For Marchers

The night before:

__ Be well-rested: get a good night's sleep

__ Hydrate by drinking plenty of water, starting the night before

__ Review this CHKD story about staying hydrated:


__ Eat breakfast and continue to drink water before arriving. Consider avoiding dairy products for breakfast.


__ T-Shirt: white or light-colored (must be consistent with school code)

__ Shorts that allow for ample physical movement (must be consistent with school code)

__ Gym shoes that are not flat-soled or are unable to flex during marching maneuvers. No sandals or flip-flops.

__ Hat

__ Sunglasses


__ Towel

__ Sunscreen

__ Bug spray/lotion

__ Water bottle

__ Pencils & Highlighter

__ Packed lunch

__ All music that has been distributed

__ A 3-ring binder with plastic sleeves for your music and drill

During camp

__ Monitor yourself and your band mates.

__ Focus on making the most of the time: no talking during rehearsal

__ Reapply sunscreen as necessary

After camp

__ Take care of your feet: air out your shoes, keep your feet dry

__ Continue to hydrate to replace lost fluids

__ Get a good night's sleep

For Family Members

We've had donations of bulk water - which is awesome. Please continue to donate water. Also, we'll make Gatorade from powder this year. So if you'd like to donate a container of powdered Gatorade (same location), that'd be great. Thank you for all your support!