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Let's get ready for the first home varsity football game

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Oscar Smith Varsity Football team kicks off its season with a home game. The Marching Tigers will be there in full support: playing from the stand during the game, and taking the field at half-time. The Oscar Smith Band Booster Club (OSBBC) will also swing into action, working the two concessions stands, the grill, the wrapping station, and drinks table. Also, OSBBC will be supporting the half-time show by forming a pit crew to setup and take down drum major stands, speakers, microphones, etc.

All of this means that this football game, like every other home varsity game will be a major undertaking, requiring lots of volunteers - 32 to be specific.

So, we need you!! Please volunteer today - we need to submit our list of volunteers by mid-week. While you are at it, you can volunteer for some of our other upcoming games.

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