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Upcoming events rescheduled - Florence edition

Headlines for this week:

- Tuesday: Rehearsal; General Membership Meeting

- Wednesday: Grassfield Varsity away football game.

- Thursday: Rehearsal

- Friday: Bus Ramp Pep Rally

- Saturday: Home game against Lakeland

The Upcoming Events Page and the Printable Calendar

have both been updated.

1. General Membership Meeting. Usually the third Tuesday of the month is our General Membership Meeting in the band room at 7 p.m. This week we'll discuss upcoming events, particularly how OSBBC should approach the Craft Fair in November.

2. Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday like normal (4-6 p.m.).

3. The away Varsity Football game at Grassfield that was originally scheduled for Friday, September 14th, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Sep 19th. Marchers need to report as soon as possible to the band room, as there will be Pizza Wednesday, with a 5 p.m. departure time. Be sure to bring $2 if you would like pizza (and have not already pre-paid for the season). Marchers will bring short-sleeved T-shirt and windpants to school; change into them after school. Watch for a Remind text to find out when the busses are leaving Grassfield, headed for Oscar Smith. Best guess is a 9 p.m. return time.

4. Last Thursday's JV Game will be rescheduled to a date to be determined.

5. Marchers will wear t-shirt and sweat pants to Bus Ramp Pep Rally, then change out of them for the rest of the day.

6. The home Varsity Game that was originally scheduled for this Friday against Lakeland has been rescheduled for the next morning: Game time is 11 a.m., Marchers need to be in the band room wearing short-sleeve T-shirts and shorts by 9 a.m. Approach this game like band camp: arrive fully hydrated, wearing sunblock, having eaten, ready to perform. Band will rehearse, then change into full uniforms.