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Pink Out Shirts - ordering extras

The OSBBC T-Shirt Manager has been hard at work pulling together our Pink-Out Shirts for this season.

What's a Pink-Out shirt? It's the long-sleeved shirt the Marching Tigers wear to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness. They will wear these shirts at designated games/competitions. In the past, these shirts have been black with hot-pink lettering. At tonight's membership meeting, we coalesced around a dark heather (grey) shirt with hot-pink lettering on front, back and down the right sleeve. The design, as always, comes from suggestions by individual band members.

The marchers will be provided one pink-out shirt as part of the band fees they have already paid. But if you are a family member or friend, you may want to get your hands on one of these shirts as well. We will be putting in our order all at once, so orders need to be received by Mr. Elgin by this Saturday, September 22 (upon arrival for rehearsal before the game).

Where can you get such a form? Well, Mr. Elgin passed out the forms/envelopes at rehearsal today. So, if you are a parent of a marching tiger and haven't seen this form, you may want to ask about it. He does have a limited number of extra forms.

Again, you only need to submit orders for extra shirts - the marchers will already receive one pink-out shirt each, no order required.

This is what the forms look like: