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Upload your pics/videos!

I'm not just the President of the OSBBC, but I'm the photographer as well. And while it may not feel like it, we are headed towards the end of the marching season.

I will put together a video/slideshow for the end-of-year award night. So I'd like to get a copy of those pictures and videos that you have collected over the season. Many of you have been posting to Shutterfly, and thanks! But I know several more of you have your pictures on other social sites or just kept it at home.

If you aren't comfortable with the Shutterfly site, that's okay -- you can send the pics to I am particularly looking for videos, since I am usually taking still photos or working pit crew. If you've published videos of YouTube, simply send me the link.

This includes pics/videos from the marchers themselves. Please upload or send. And thanks!!

I previously posted a link describe how to get Shutterfly access here: