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Tomorrow's (Monday's) game at Scope

The Oscar Smith Marching Tigers are supporting the Oscar Smith Men's Basketball team tomorrow at the Scope Arena in Norfolk.


Space is limited -- the band can only take so many personnel. To ensure a good spread of instrumentation, the section leaders are determining who will fill the following spots:

2 piccolos

2 clarinets

2 alto saxes

1 tenor sax

2 mellos

5 trumpets

2 trombones

1 baritone

3 tubas

1 snare

1 quint

2 bass drums

1 cymbal

Show time @ band room is 6 pm, buses depart @ 6:30 pm.

Wear: White Band tee and sweats (to game, not to school)

Volunteers: We need chaperones. As with the band, space is limited. We need two chaperones. To volunteer, please send an email to

Sorry this is last minute - but it’s been a quickly evolving situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.