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Car Wash - Saturday (UPDATES)

This Saturday (August 17th) is the first fundraiser of the year: a car wash.

WHERE: The 7-11 @ 437 Kempsville

WHEN: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

How to sign up: The Marchers have been divided by sections (see below). But we need adults to help supervise and collect (and safeguard) donations. I have revamped the Signup Genius to reflect this change. This means that I was forced to delete the names of those that had already signed up.

Signup Genius Link:

How else to help: to make money we need customers. And that means we need your help in spreading the word. Please post the following link to your social networks and help us spread the word. Also, take a good look at your own car. Couldn't it use some loving attention?? If it doesn't need a wash, we'd gladly take your donation anyway.

What you can bring: We'll need all the things that one needs for a car wash - a long hose, rags, etc. If you can, hit the Signup Genius link or just bring what you've got. Also, we need signage to bring folks in. So bring signs (or sign making materials).

Here's the link to push through your networks:

Here’s the schedule:

9-10:30: Pics & Clarinets

10:30-Noon: Percussion

Noon-1:30: Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Mello, Tuba & Trombone

1:30-3: Trumpets

Guard: throughout the day.

If you can’t make your slot, come help out someone else’s slot. Be sure to sign in!!