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T-Shirts & Artwork

1. Pink-Out Shirt Orders. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the marchers will bring home an order form for additional Pink-Out Shirts. But you don’t have to wait, because the order form is at this link:

Recall that the Pink-Out Shirts are long-sleeved shirts that the marchers will wear starting in October. The design is to show support for breast cancer awareness month. Molly McCracken, our excellent T-Shirt Manager, showed us the rough design at tonight’s Band Booster Club Meeting. It looks great! Also recall that the marchers will already receive one Pink-Out Shirt. So this order form is for those desiring shirts in addition to the one that the marchers will already receive. Parents, family, friends, everyone who wants this season’s latest fashion must-have. This isn’t a fundraiser, but you’ll want to makes sure you order. Here’s the catch: to get the shirts delivered in time to use them in October we have to get the orders in quick – by this Saturday, September 21st. The shirts are $15 – checks can be made out to OSBBC or cash. You don’t have to wait until Saturday; you could even send in the order form to tomorrow’s rehearsal! Questions? Please reach out to Molly at’s on the order form as well).

2. Show Shirts. When the short-sleeved show shirts came in, Molly made sure everyone had a shirt to wear to that Saturday game. After that game, most of the marchers picked up the extra shirts (including the second one that they were entitled to have) that were ordered for them. But not all of them. We still have some shirts in the uniform room that weren’t picked up. So if you’ve been wondering why your other shirt (or family member’s shirt) hasn’t shown up yet, they’re probably in the uniform room waiting for a home. Once again, please talk to Molly at

3. Extra Show Shirts. We do have a few extra show shirts for sale. The point of contact for that is…..Molly once again!

4. Artwork! As some of you may know, we have a true artist amongst us. Ms. Baines, the Guard Queen, is absolutely amazing. When you have a chance, you should look at the show banners from previous seasons that are hanging in the band room. She did every one by hand. Incredible! Well, she’s designing our field displays this year. She’s looking for volunteers to help color in her designs. This is actually a great opportunity and looks like fun. If you can, come early to Saturday’s rehearsal. Rehearsal begins at 10 am, so come at 9 am if you can. You’ll be glad you did!