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Booster Update for Nov 17th

Band Boosters Update for November 17


1. District Band Audition Forms & Fees due Monday

2. November Booster Meeting Tuesday

3. Second Playoff Home Game Friday

4. Third Playoff Home Game on Black Friday

5. Location of Fourth and Fifth Playoff Game

Click here for schedule

*****This Week*****

1. Forms due Monday. For those band members interested in auditioning for District Band (auditions occur on Saturday, Dec 14th), forms (and fees) are due Monday, November 18th. The forms have been available in the band room. Turn the forms/fees in to Mr. Elgin. Checks payable to Oscar Smith Band Booster Club (or OSBBC). Questions? Please contact Mr Elgin directly:

2. Band Booster Monthly Meeting. On Tuesday, November 19th, at 7 pm in the band room, we’ll hold our monthly meeting. Please join us. In particular, we’ll try to map out how to support the playoff schedule (see discussion below).

3. Second Home Varsity Playoff Game. With their first round win against Western Branch High School, the Varsity Tigers have advanced to the second round against Landstown High School. For both the Marchers and the Boosters, it will look like the first playoff game. Pep rally, Pizza Friday, volunteers. Please volunteer now: And don’t forget to practice your anti-rain dance.

*****Next Week*****

4. The Third Home Playoff Game. Assuming the Varsity Tigers beat Landstown High School, the third playoff game will again be at home, against either Thomas Dale High School or Ocean Lakes High School. One major difference will be that it will occur on Black Friday – the marchers will not be in school. There will thus be no Pizza Friday – marchers need to arrive fed. Volunteer here:


5. Location of Fourth and Fifth Playoff Game. When the Varsity Tigers advance to the fourth round of playoffs, the location of the game will depend upon which team they play. If the Tigers play Freedom High School, they will have to make the pilgrimage to Woodbridge. On the other hand, if the Tigers face any of the other possible opponents (Massaponax, Patriot, or Colonion Forge High Schools), the game will be at home (those three teams are lower ranked than Oscar Smith). So whether we have four home games will depend not just on whether the Varsity Tigers keep winning, but also on who the Tigers face.

Whether this fourth game is at home or away represent more than a passing curiosity: it has direct fiscal impacts to the booster club. A home game is an opportunity to make some good money (this will be a huge game, at this point). But an away game not only means a loss of opportunity, it also means the booster club must finance tour buses for the out-of-area game. So let’s root for the Tigers, while also cheering for someone to beat Freedom High School.

The Fifth (and final) playoff game will be the Championship Game, this year held at Hampton University. Since that’s within the local area, we will likely not need to rent tour buses.

-Mike Maule

Oscar Smith Band Booster Club Secretary