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Urgent Band Update

1. Band Family in Need. Cole and Jaxon’s Mom, Michelle Burdick, suffered a stroke on Friday. You can help. A Meal Train is being set up to support the family. Go to the link below to learn more about Michelle’s condition and how you can help.

The Tiger Band takes care of its own. Please help if you can. Please also spread the word to the larger band family.

2. Volunteer for Friday. The Second Round Playoff game on Friday against Landstown will be a huge game. It’s a nearby school, that travels well, for a critical game, on a pleasant (but cool) evening. We anticipate crowds as large or larger than homecoming. That means that we need everyone to help. Click on the link, sign up, and spread the word. WE REALLY NEED YOU!

3. Need Hand Warmers. This season we’ve started handing out hand warmers to the marchers for these cold games. They can really make a difference. We’re looking for donations of these hand warmers for the playoffs. The easiest way to organize this ask, and the easiest way for you to give, is to use our Amazon Wish List. [Note, we’ve changed the link]. Please use our new link to contribute:

4. What to wear. On Friday, marchers will wear white show shirts and sweats to pep rally and throughout the day.

5. Minor corrections. I’ve revised calendar. There are corrections for two days:

  • Nov 22: what to wear (see above)

  • Nov 29: No pep rally and no Pizza Friday because school will not be in session. Call time will be 5:30.

The calendar is available on our Upcoming Events page:

-Mike Maule

Oscar Smith Band Booster Club Secretary